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  New Spawn Build!
Posted by: Darren - 08-15-2018, 07:09 PM - Forum: Important Announcements - Replies (4)

 As some of you've heard, there's plans to build a new spawn in a void world to reduce lag & quick loading times. 

In this thread, if you want to be apart of the team that builds the spawn sign up here. 

Players with the Builder rank or higher will be picked first.

Those of you who do sign up, might not be picked, I'm not sure how many players will be interested in being apart of this team, if there's a small team, all players who
signed up will be invited. 

There will be some rules, failure to follow these rules will result in you getting kicked off this team, and possibly losing any builder rank you might have.

Players who are apart of this team, will have access to Creative Mode, only in the Spawn world! (Until this build is done)


1: Absolutely no Redstone, this is to reduce as much lag as possible. (I will be checking)
2: The team must use Discord (Channel #New-Spawn) to coordinate the build.
3: A single player cannot go off and do their own thing, remember this is a group effort.

Must Have Features

Market - that includes all items, and expansion for updates
Spawning location (of course)
Possibility a location that displays server /rules
A tutorial on how to make a region
Most importantly, the spawn should look welcoming to new players.
Portals for Hogwarts, the Creative World, and the old spawn
A section for staff members heads
A section for Donator heads
A section for Builder heads
A section for Banned heads
A Portal for a new PvP world!

If any part of the spawn requires a warp, please let me know and I will provide one. E.G /warp market

To sign up, simply reply below, I will close the thread when we have enough players. 

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  How To Submit An Appeal
Posted by: Darren - 04-15-2018, 03:55 PM - Forum: Appeal A Ban - No Replies

The format should be as follows:

Minecraft In-game name:
Reason for ban:
Approximate date ban was received:

Why do you think we should unban you?:

Extra comments:

*Bans may not be reversed. Do not post more than one appeal.*

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  Request A Warp
Posted by: Darren - 04-15-2018, 03:50 PM - Forum: Request - No Replies

The requirements to have a warp at one of your builds are as follows:

1. Maximum of 1 Warp per average player.

2. The build must be of interest to other players. E.G. A player made Market, or community housing.

3. The build must be maintained or the warp will be removed.

How to request:

1. Description of build:

2. Provide your coordinates: (Press F3 in game and they are located on the left hand side beside XYZ, if you want the player to be looking a certain way when they warp provide the "Facing" information.)

3. The name you would like the warp to be called:

You may not be eligible for a warp, only post one request per build.

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  Request A Plugin
Posted by: Darren - 04-15-2018, 03:49 PM - Forum: Request - No Replies

The Plugin has to be useable by most players, it cannot give an advantage to players over others. 

Plugin name:

Description of what it does:

Link to the Plugins page:

The Plugin you requested might not be added. It has a higher chance of being added if more players request it!

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  Request A Large Region To Protect
Posted by: Darren - 04-15-2018, 03:48 PM - Forum: Request - No Replies

The region you would like to be protected must be bigger than is allowed for your rank.

The selected area must have purpose. For example, you cannot request a large empty land mass simply because you want to hold on to it.

Format for post is as follows:

Coordinates for Posiition one: X,Y,Z
Coordinates for Position Two: X,Y,Z
Region name:

Reason for this area:

Request may be declined.

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  Apply For A Rank
Posted by: Darren - 04-15-2018, 03:30 PM - Forum: Ranks - Replies (2)

How To Apply For Builder

Format of application:

Reason you want the Builder rank:

Must have multiple nice looking builds, or one large build.
Build(s) must be protected.

Coords of your build(s):

Describe your build(s):

How To Apply For Recruiter

Format of application:

Amount of players you have recruited to the server:

Those players names:

Are they still active?

*If said players are not active, this rank application might be declined. 

Applied ranks can be declined. 

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  Different Ranks
Posted by: Darren - 04-15-2018, 03:28 PM - Forum: Ranks - No Replies

Ranks On The Server:




Builder * Can be applied to, see other forum post
Builder (Trusted)

Will be adding more ranks  in the future.

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  New Forum
Posted by: Darren - 04-15-2018, 01:03 PM - Forum: Important Announcements - No Replies

Hello! I have decided to host a forum myself and not rely on a third party to do so!

If you notice any bugs please let me know in game or the "bugs and glitches" section of the forum!



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