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New Spawn Build!
 As some of you've heard, there's plans to build a new spawn in a void world to reduce lag & quick loading times. 

In this thread, if you want to be apart of the team that builds the spawn sign up here. 

Players with the Builder rank or higher will be picked first.

Those of you who do sign up, might not be picked, I'm not sure how many players will be interested in being apart of this team, if there's a small team, all players who
signed up will be invited. 

There will be some rules, failure to follow these rules will result in you getting kicked off this team, and possibly losing any builder rank you might have.

Players who are apart of this team, will have access to Creative Mode, only in the Spawn world! (Until this build is done)


1: Absolutely no Redstone, this is to reduce as much lag as possible. (I will be checking)
2: The team must use Discord (Channel #New-Spawn) to coordinate the build.
3: A single player cannot go off and do their own thing, remember this is a group effort.

Must Have Features

Market - that includes all items, and expansion for updates
Spawning location (of course)
Possibility a location that displays server /rules
A tutorial on how to make a region
Most importantly, the spawn should look welcoming to new players.
Portals for Hogwarts, the Creative World, and the old spawn
A section for staff members heads
A section for Donator heads
A section for Builder heads
A section for Banned heads
A Portal for a new PvP world!

If any part of the spawn requires a warp, please let me know and I will provide one. E.G /warp market

To sign up, simply reply below, I will close the thread when we have enough players. 
Hi I would like to apply to be part of the team!  Smile Tongue
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I also would like to participate in the building project.
Already got some groundwork done which I will share with the rest once the team has been picked out
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I would like to participate in the new building group.
Istay online during the afternoon and night.
Besides i know how to make medieval , modern and other constructions.
Thanks for listening!
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sign me up boys
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